Friday, November 14, 2014

stills from...Video of firing Anagama (abridged)

Don Reitz describing how the fire will flow around pots in the kiln
A five day firing, then five day cooling.  So we saw about 35 minutes from the entire process, actually including some of the loading and unloading of the kiln.  Wonder what percentage that would come out to be...

Dragons breath, the puff of smoke coming out of the shows dark at the top of the kiln.

That's Charles Freeland in red, about 17 years ago.

Stoking the side ports

The kiln was about 40 feet long, 4-1/2 feet high, and around 6 feet wide.

During the 5 day cool-down, participants went sightseeing in Colorado and Arizona.

Then a chain of people unloaded everything, when wares were still pretty hot.

Some of Charles' work...

Different finishes based on where the pots were in the firing.

Several members of the Clay Club shared that they wood fire in this area.  Many of the students at BMCA Clay Studio have never observed a wood kiln.  It's a smokey affair and gives results that aren't duplicated in other kilns.  Thanks Charles Freeland, for sharing his experience with all of us.  Charles is the manager of the Clay Studio of Black Mountain Center for the Arts.

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