Friday, January 1, 2010

AJ's got lots of tricks to share

Happy New Year from your Clay Studio Staff!

Looking forward to a great year of growing in Clay with you! We will starting off with a free event exchanging "Tricks of the Trade" with the clay studio community; We will share cleaver ideas, shortcuts, reminders and new and exciting ways to work with clay. Come and be ready to learn & share with the clay community and Clay Studio staff Tuesday, January 12th between 6-8 pm and Thursday, January 21st noon until 2pm. (Registration is not necessary)

We are also planning a FREE tool making seminar
for February....more details to come.

NEW Glazes are in the testing process, soon to be available for your clay pleasure- please continue to be patient as testing is time consuming yet essential for an optimum outcome.

RAKU firings begining in March,,,this will be a once-a-month opportunity to test the Raku firing method with your bisque ware creation- we will provide the Raku Glazes and kiln for a fee, and while we are still ironing out the details thought you may want to keep the opportunity in mind!

NEW Seminars, Classes and Community Projects on the way - Keep in the "know" by checking out the Blog ,
or stopping by the studio ......

Happy New Year!!

"I would like my pots to be good not only now but in ten or a hundred or a thousand years and to be able to stand next to the good pottery of
Greece, China, or Peru and have as timeless, distinct and independent a character as they have. To reach this point, even if only with a few pots, would be worth a whole life of intense effort." Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain in The Invisable Core: A Potter's Life and Thoughts