Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sarah's party

Our Studio Manager, Sarah Meyer, is headed for Grad School at Chicago Art Institute...and we will miss her!

Here are a few of our pictures, and there probably will be more coming from Sarah Vekasi.

Thanks to everyone for contributing for a pizza party, and we send Sarah off to Chicago with all our hopes that she'll remember the good times (and forget the dirty, sweaty, grungy, sink drippy, blue bucket gunk, clay smeared bad ones)

Was that pepperoni, vegie or cheese you just ordered?

 Photos courtesey Barb Rogers

The Cozarts stopped briefly to say hi...

 Of course once Zoe arrived, everyone had to enjoy her!  (Not a hard thing to do!)

Come back again when more photos of our lovely studio (and friends) are posted.  Maybe we can have some action of the studio next!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One teacher is leaving

Maureen Joyce, one of our teachers, is leaving to relocate to Pennsylvania with her family this summer.

Her students threw her a "going away" party yesterday.

Great food, good laughs, a few tears...Maureen will really be missed here.

Molly and Pat discuss a beautiful piece of design.

 Maureen's students wish her well in her travels.

Thanks to Sarah Vakesi for the photos above, which were FaceBook posted.  
The following photos were taken late in the party by Barb Rogers (missed the feast cause I was feeling poorly).
Trish and Sarah are glazing away!

Our good friend Bette is heading for Alaska, and probably telling Gale just what that means.
 Maureen empties the kiln and puts Marsha's pottery on her shelf.

 Maureen cleans up some of the food.  Do you get the picture?  She's everywhere at once, doing everything, and answering everyone's questions.  That's Maureen!

Joe says good bye to Maureen while Pat does some cleaning up.

The end of the party...but not the last with Marueen for those who love her...she will still be here for Open Studio on Tues afternoons for a while.

From mopping the floors, mixing glazes, firing kilns, making the signage, organizing the tile display, opting for Holly Jolly student show and sale, teaching so many of us how to do what we want done, starting a business with other potters...Maureen Joyce, you've made a great difference in the Black Mountain clay community.  I hope you'll find another clay studio that you can enjoy as much as you have nourished this one.