Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer NEWS


Discover your connection with clay! We will take you step-by-step through all aspects of either hand-building/sculptural work or wheel-throwing. Both avenues will also include the firing & glazing process. Your clay class registration allows you to come for all Open Studio sessions to practice or work on your current projects. Class sizes are limited. Register with Rita in the BMCA office (Main Building). 

The six-week sessions are $135 + lab fee of $35 (covers clay, glazes, firing).

IF you are already an experienced potter, you may inquire about the application process to be in our Independent Study program, a non-production option/$100 for six weeks; clay extra.
Classes are scheduled June 4 – July 13, and July 23  - August 31
JULY 16-20 is ADULT CLAY CAMP, 9-noon w/ Maureen Joyce
Six-Week Classes ( Some classes have min/max enrollment requirements and registration deadline )
         1 - 4 pm                        • Open Studio •                                       Pat Levi
          6 - 8 pm                       Adult Wheel Class                          Cathy Babula  

       10 am - noon               Adult Wheel Class                        Charles Freeland
       12 – 4 pm                   • Open Studio •                           Charles Freeland
        10 am – 4 pm          Drop-In Summer Clay Day*              Elise Reed
       6 - 9 pm                 • Open Studio •                     Charles Freeland

       1 – 4 pm                 • Open Studio •                     Barbara Rogers
       4 - 6 pm                 Ongoing Wheel Class            Geoff Bird
                        (this class begins on rolling basis; check with BMCA office)

       6 – 8 pm                 • Open Studio •                     Charles Freeland

       12 – 2 pm   ABSOLUTE BEGINNER CLASS     Charles Freeland
        2 – 4 pm                   • Open Studio •                      Barbara Rogers

       10 am – 1 pm                 • Open Studio •                          Blair McKee
         3 –5 pm                 • Open Studio •                     Blair McKee
Tuition: $135 + $35 Lab Fee for 25 lbs. clay, glazes and firing.  Special Classes Tuition may vary.
*Drop-in Summer Clay Day $15 per hour, 2 hour min.  No Open Studio. Call Office for details.
• BlackMountainArts.org • 828/669-0930 •    225 W. State Street
NEW TEACHER: Cathy Babula

Cathy Babula has lived in Black Mountain for over 30 years. Her love of pottery began in high school where she focused primarily on hand built work. Bypassing her secret dream of becoming a potter, she pursued a degree in horticulture from the State University of NY instead. Eventually she left both pottery and horticulture behind, securing a career as a corporate trainer for over 15 years.

In 2008 Ms. Babula felt the creative urge again, and took pottery classes at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts concentrating on wheel throwing. Spending time with gifted instructors and the welcoming community at the Center rekindled her dream of being a professional potter. She enrolled in the Professional Crafts- Clay program at Haywood Community College in 2010, graduating with an Associate’s Degree in May of this year.

Ms Babula has sold work at the Southern Highlands Craft Guild shows, Sourwood Festival, and Art in Bloom among other venues. Her work is also on exhibit at the Mudfire Gallery in Atlanta until June 2nd, and at the Folk Art Center as part of the Haywood Graduate Show until September 2nd.

Since plants and nature motifs are prevalent in her decorating, Ms. Babula feels she has come full circle by merging her original interests of pottery and horticulture. Teaching classes at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts allows her to combine her creative talents with her love of teaching, and she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge, and enthusiasm about pottery with others.                                              

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clay Camp

* Clay Studio
   Maureen Joyce   demonstrating a clay technique                           teaching one-on-one

Wheel Throwing – Hand Building
For the novice or amateur...no experience required
For the curious and playful learner
 (Max 8/min 5)

Maureen Joyce
·        taught clay classes at BMCA in 2010 and 2011 before moving to PA
·        studied Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA
·         is a passionate potter & enthusiastic teacher.

JULY 16-20, 2012       9 am-noon
Register today!   828-669-0930

Earlybird Special - $175 through May 25; $200 after May 25.
Tuition includes clay, glazes and firing.

Visit: blackmountainarts.org  or http://blackmountainartsclay.blogspot.com

Black Mountain Center for the Arts
2012 Adult Clay Camp Schedule & Registration


·          JULY 16-20, 9-noon:  ADULT CLAY CAMP Earlybird Special - $175 through May 25; $200 after May 25.  Teacher: Maureen Joyce. For the novice or amateur...no experience required - for the curious and playful learner. Instructor leads explorer in slab and altering techniques. (Max 8/min 5)

For more information visit blackmountainarts.org (events)
A $25 non-refundable deposit is required per camp per enrollee
If you know someone who would like to sponsor camp for a child who may not have the funds to attend otherwise, please contact us at 828/669-0930.

Name: ___________________________________________ Prefers to be called:  ______________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
City, State, and Zip: ________________________________________  _____   _____________
Phone: Home___________________ Work_____________________ Cell______________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact during Day Camp: _____________________ Phone: ____________________
Allergies, etc.: ________________________________________  Special Needs: __________________

        I give my consent for the above student to participate in Black Mountain Center for the Arts (BMCA) summer day camp.  I will not hold the BMCA liable in case of accident or injury as a result of this participation. I authorize any medical treatment that may be advised or recommended by an attending physician in the event of an emergency while participating in the program.  I acknowledge that the above student is able to participate in physical activities associated with art, clay, dance, drama and music. I further acknowledge that the above student must comply with the camp rules and regulations.  Students who do not comply may be asked to withdraw with no refund of payment.
Signature: ________________________________________________

I give ____ do not give____ my consent for photographs of myself participating in camp activities to be used for publicity for the Black Mountain Center for the Arts.
Signature: ________________________________________________

Camp fee is payable by cash, check or credit card (Visa/MC only).  $25 of this amount is the non-refundable deposit.  Register and make checks payable to:
Black Mountain Center for the Arts (BMCA)
225 W. State Street, Black Mountain, NC 28711


Camps that do not meet minimum enrollment will be canceled, enrollees notified and deposits refunded.