Monday, April 20, 2009

Handbuilding and Low Fire Surface Class
with Visiting Artist Cassie Ryalls

The Black Mountain Center for the Arts Clay Studio will offer a 6-week workshop on Hand

Building and Sculpture, taught by Cassie Ryalls, on Tuesdays, 6-8 pm, from May 5 – June 9

Cost of the workshop is $185. Materials are included in the cost.

To register or for more information, contact the Center at 828/669-0930.

Ryalls’ focus on hand building and sculpture is clearly seen in her own work. In assisting clay students in this workshop she will be encouraging creativity with the sculpture, and helping them experiment with the surface of hand built objects from beginning to end. The class will use low-fire clay and glazes.

Cassie Ryalls graduated from Berea College in Kentucky, but grew up in West Virginia. As an art and psychology major, she found the influence of nature was through the human form – a foot, shoulder, lip, etc. Cassie writes, “As I [hand] build each piece, working coil on top of coil, the process reminds me that each person is made up of many different layers. The human forms are minimal and simplified to draw more attention to the way they interact with the other forms. Texture and metal additions are used to communicate the relationships amongst the figures. The human forms are minimal and simplified to draw more attention to the way they interact with the other forms.”
She continues, “To recognize a human form is simple. To understand another human is not. Our lives are built around forming relationships with other humans. My body of work is my interpretation of these connections as well as portrayals of different situations that lead us to a greater understanding of our fellow humans.

Call the Black Mountain Center today to sign up!!!!!! 669-0930

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Donate Bowls for a good cause

Sara Anne Ellers is asking for soup bowls to be donated by this Friday for "Soup for the Soul" charity benefit...please bring your contributions in for this Friday pick up.
We realize this is short notice,
but don't you have bowls you've made just sitting around needing purpose?
Thank you.